5 Indoor Dog Activities to do with your pet during the Winter Months

Indoor Dog ActivitiesTips for Indoor Dog Activities during the winter months

When weather prohibits outdoor time, indoor dog activities are just as easy to keep your pet active and mentally stimulated! See our suggestions of 5 indoor dog activities to do with your pet during the winter months!

1. Turn Feeding Time into Search and Sniff

Why not train your dog during feeding times? You can hide their food and treats throughout the house and make them search for it! Put your dog’s nose to work to find his special treats. You can make the game as easy or as difficult as you want! When it’s time to finally reward your dog for their hard work, we suggest our Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish – they’ll be ready to eat fast and furiously after their fun session! For small dogs, try the Living World Teach ‘N’ Treat Small Animals Toy.

2. Play Ball

Clear a space with plenty of room to run and get ready to tire out that pup of yours! Who said indoors must be boring? Create as much running space as possible in your home and play the throw and fetch game with your pet. Use any of our dog balls for this indoor activity! Your pet will surely love them all!

3. Schedule a Puppy Play Date

Call some friends up and create a fun, interactive day with one (or more, if you’re brave) of his four-legged friends! This activity will allow your dog to socialize and stay mentally stimulated, whilst keeping your dog clean from mod.

4. Play Around with Pet Puzzles

What better way to challenge your pet that with puzzles. Not only is this fun for your dog, but you can spend quality, one on one time with your dog, all while enforcing fun and rewarding training! Try any of our Mind or Interactive Games and Toys for Dogs. Find a toy that provides your dog with a fun, engaging experience that challenges both his physical and mental abilities!

5. Nap Time and Netflix

When you’ve exhausted all other indoor dog activities, ideas, and your precious pup, sometimes all you both need is quality, cuddle time. Put on a movie, prop your pup on of our Dog Cushions, and spoil your pooch with some tummy scratches and loving! Maybe even have a bone or chew toy nearby. Plus, you get to relax too!

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