Dog Harness – Why should we use one?

Dog Harness

The Benefits of Using Dog Harness

Dog Harness: You’ve seen a dog or two wearing a harness, you spot them in the pet store, but why use one? What are the benefits of a harness? We’re here to provide you with 5 simple reasons why you should use a pet harness!

To Prevent Choking

This can be a main reason a pet owner investigates pet harnesses. Pets can get excited while on their daily walks and neck injuries can be quite common if you’re dog is constantly yanking, pulling or fighting the leash. With a dog harness, the leash is fastened on the back of the dog. This way, the harness takes off the pressure from the neck.

Effective Training

Wearing a harness can provide an owner more control than a typical collar and leash.

A harness often reduces the dog’s inclination to pull and it’s easy for owners work on heelwork or loose leash walking. Especially, with new puppies!

Dog Harness on a Coli

Your Size of Dog

If you have a smaller breed dog, like a Yorki or Schnauzer, a dog harness can be very beneficial towards their healthy. They can sometimes be more prone to injuries. When your use a harness, it prevents as much strain on the neck and back.

Again, with larger and stronger dogs, using a harness is more directed towards training behaviour.

Added Safety

Not only does a harness offer health safety, but in other aspects of everyday life as things as well. If you have a dog who may seem restless when it comes to neck collars and who often tries to “wiggle” their way out, a harness fitted properly, ensures that your dog will not be able to escape as easy.

Many owners use a harness as a seatbelt for when driving. Simply attach the seatbelt to the harness, and rest easy knowing your dog will be held securely in place.

Dog harnesses are made in different styles designed for whatever the individual dog’s need may be. Some are simple straps. Others have more material covering a larger area of their back or chest. There are also different styles with alternate attachment points for the leash than the traditional body harness has.

Avoid Tangling

Everyone knows how frustrating this can be! Sometimes pets get excited, jumping and twisting, and they often get tangled in their leash, or sometimes even around you! When the leash is attached to the harness on the back, it’s much harder for a dog to get tangled!

Final Thoughts

Please note, that while there are many reasons you should use a harness, consider what’s best for you and your dog. Also, harnesses are not to be worn full time. After an outing, walk, etc., take the harness off. Prolonged harness wear can cause some uncomfortable rubbing or hair matting

If you’re convinced a harness is right for you and your pet, consider the different styles/sizes that are designed for specific dog needs.

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