How to: Ensure Dog Car Safety

Ready to plan a road trip? Here’s how to ensure dog car safety.

ensure dog car safety

Spring has almost sprung, and that means summer is on its way, too! You’re probably ready to start a little travelling or planning some fun family outings. And of course, you have to bring your furry friends! Holidaying or travelling with your dog doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you follow a few rules on dog car safety, you’re in for a fun-filled and safe summer with your family (dogs included!)

Whether you travel with kids, alone, or just with another companion, there are a number of solutions for keeping your dog safe while you drive. Depending on the amount of room you have, let’s say you have kids traveling, your dog may find comfort in the back of the SUV. If this is the case, a decent sized kennel would be a great option, as long as you’re taking the necessary steps to make it safe and snug for your dog.

If you have a bigger dog, who can’t be bothered to sit in a crate for long, or one that likes to rearrange their sleeping position every few minutes, they may be just fine with blankets or a pet bed. Should you choose this method, buying a dog guard to put between the trunk and the back seat is a smart idea. This way, your dog will not be able to jump into the main body of the car nor will be thrown there by a sudden unexpected stop.

If you have a bit of space in the rear seat, opt to keep your dog up with the family instead. There are some great seat harnesses available that work with your existing human seat belt fixtures which can be found at your local pet supplies store or on Amazon. We recommend that you also buy a carry box that hangs safely over the back seat, giving a smaller dog a secure, elevated spot from which to observe what’s going on and feel like part of the family. Please do your research on any dog car safety products and decide if they’re right for you and your dog. Every dog is different!

Alternatively, if you find it’s just you and your dog traveling, your dog will be lucky and happy with the entire rear seat to themselves! In that case, if you trust your dog to stay relatively calm and still, there are many doggy hammocks (yes, that’s a thing!)  These hammocks hang off the front and rear headrests to create a kind of cradle of the back seat. This way, your dog can’t fall thru foot space or get thrown up into the front. Ideally, look for one with a non-slip underside so that your dog can stay securely on the seat.

We all know the stress and discomfort your family feels on long drives. But for dogs, it’s even less natural – and they won’t always let you know when they’re unhappy. To ensure dog car safety and comfortability, it’s a good idea to take plenty of breaks as you travel. Stop when you can, take them out to potty, give them good time to stretch, have a drink of water, then get back on the road!

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