Pet Safety During the Festive Season

Pet Safety TipsPet Safety is always important but even so during the Festive Season.

With the holiday season upon us, it is important to keep our pet’s safety in mind at all times.

Pet Safety Tips

Petcare24/7 are advising all pet owners to give their dogs and cats foods that are safe for them.

If you want to include your cats and dogs in the fun give them treats suitable for them. You can chose from plenty of safe dog treats on our website

Common holiday foods like turkey, fatty meats, bones, onions, grape products, yeast dough, raw eggs or batter, chocolate and sweets (even sugar-free) should be kept away and out of reach from pets. These foods can cause a range of harmful conditions in pets, including choking, irritation or blocking of digestive tracts, pancreatitis, salmonella, bloating, painful gas, vomiting and in some extreme cases even death.

If you have a cat be extra careful of ribbons or any other especially long, skinny ribbons that are likely to fascinate your cat and wind up in her/his belly. Always avoid tinsel if you have cats.

Having visitors for holiday celebrations can be exciting for everyone, including our pets. However for shy or less sociable pets these can be very upsetting. For these pets, keeping them in a safe, confined area with their favorite toy during large holiday gatherings can greatly reduce their emotional stress and prevent escape through frequently opening exterior doors. Also, as the doors to your house swing open with each new guest or family member, make sure your pets don’t take the opportunity to slip out and run into traffic.

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