How to Have A Safe and Fun Easter with Your Pets

Practical Tips for Safe and Fun Easter with Your Pets

Safe and Fun Easter with your Pets

Easter is just a little over a week away and with that comes the preparation for the Holiday! Baking, filling eggs with Candy, picking out Easter outfits, and more! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how this holiday will affect your pet and what you can do to have a safe and fun Easter with your pets! Here are a few tips…

1. When filling your Easter baskets or decorating, stay away from the fake Easter grass. If your dog eats this fake grass, it will be very hard for them to digest and pass naturally. This can lead to severe damage and may even require surgery.

2. Make sure Easter chocolates are not accessible to your pets and make sure that you’re informing your children of this fact. No feeding your dog chocolate! The darker the chocolate, the more toxic to your pet. Put those chocolate bunnies out of reach!

3. Spring plants and Easter flowers can be very harmful to cats. There are different species of lilies that highly toxic to cats if you see your cat licking the flowers take them to the vet immediately. Your vet will then induce vomiting and treat them accordingly. This doesn’t sound like a very fun Easter, does it?

4. It is always fun to include your dog in an Easter egg hunt, but please plan accordingly! Specify with colors or materials, which plastic or metallic eggs are for your dog vs humans. Fill the eggs with treats that have a strong smell so that your pup can hunt out his own special eggs. Keep an eye on your dog once he finds his treats so that he doesn’t try to eat the whole egg, plastic and all.

5. Our last tip to having a safe and fun Easter with your pets is to feed your pets prior to guests arriving. With a full belly, your pet will be less likely to beg or scavenge for human food. Remember, table scraps are not good for your pet and can make them sick.

Having a safe and fun Easter with your pets is quite easy to do! Watch your pets closely, prepare ahead of time (baking yummy pet-friendly treats or letting them participate in fun games), and enjoy the holiday with friends, family, and furry friends too!

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